Friday, April 12, 2013

Becky's Couch to 5K in 8 weeks (in one LONG post)

Week 8, Day 3 

Today would have been my first 5K run, but I have now run it 4 times! Woot, woot! I ran this morning, and it was harder than the last few times. But I pushed through and finished. My average pace was 10:25, a little slower than my last solo run, but that's okay. Today, Josh is registering us for my first race, which is a week from tomorrow. I am so excited! Also, yesterday I registered for the Ogden 5K in May. Can't wait! LOVE running!!!

 Week 8, Day 2 

I went running tonight with my SIL, Jessica. I've never been sure about having a running partner because I am slow, and I get out of breath so I can't talk. But, we decided to run together and it was really fun. We ran about 2 miles, then walked a little bit, and then we ran some more. In all, we probably ran 2.5 miles, and walked a little over .5 miles. I can't believe how distracting it was-in a good way. Usually I get really tired just after mile 2, but I felt great. In fact, when I was done with the run, I felt I could have kept going and going. It felt like I didn't even run. It was really fun.

 Week 8, Day 1 

Today I ran another 3.1 miles. Wahoo. And it felt great, for the most part. Actually, around mile 2.5, it got really hard for about 5 or so minutes. But overall, it was great! It is so awesome to be able to do this and feel great about it. And I hope it just gets better and better. Today my pace was about 40 seconds faster than my last one. So that's pretty good. Still slow, but good. My pace was 10:11 min/mile. I am so excited to run my first 5K in less than 2 weeks!

Week 7, Day 3 

Well, I guess I can skip to the end of this 8 week program, because today I ran 3.1 miles aka 5K!!! After two discouraging runs this week, I was determined to beat it. And it wasn't as hard as my 2 mile runs earlier this week. It was AMAZING today! I felt awesome the entire time. It was hard again at the end of mile 2, but I pushed through it and mile 3 was a breeze! I was a little nervous because the weather called for rain this morning. But I was also very eager. After I got dressed, I peeked outside, and it was barely light shower. Plus it wasn't cold, so I decided to just go for it. I did a 5 minute warm-up walk, and about 1 or 2 minutes after I started running, the rain started coming down hard! The wind was blowing against me and it even hailed for about 1 minute. I turned a corner and the rain and wind weren't as bad. Josh texted me and called me to see if I wanted him to come pick me up. I had already started and didn't want to quit. Once I turned another corner, the wind and rain were behind me and I think it helped push me too. I have run in 16 degree weather, and running in the windy rain made me feel tough too. That feeling made it easier to keep going. And knowing that I did it feels so good! On my last run, I could barely do 20 minutes. Today, I ran for 32.5 minutes. (Yes, that's a slow 5K, but it's a 5K!!) I can't wait to do it again!!

 Week 7, Day 2 

Today was super hard...again! My run was the same as last time - 20 minutes. I started out running a little faster than last time, because I wasn't very happy with my previous pace. However, I think it shot my energy and it made the last half of my run miserable! I still tried to keep my pace up and was able to complete the 2 miles with a pace of a 9:59/min. mile. So it was a little faster than last time. But like I said...I was miserable! I am very nervous to do my next run which is for 25 minutes. Today I was sooooooo close to walking, but I didn't. I really really want to complete my goal! And I will. Positive thoughts!! p.s. I just started a mile counter on the side of this blog, and as I counted all the miles I have run this year, it added up to 26.2 -aka- a marathon!

 Week 7, Day 1 

Today was a lot harder than I was expecting. I ran one interval of 20 minutes. I have an app that records my distance and pace. I previously have been starting it before my 5 minute warm up walk, and ending it after my 5 minute cool down walk. But since I didn't have any walking breaks in between running, I decided to only record my run so I could get a better gauge of my distance and pace. I went exactly 2 miles, but I was a lot slower than I thought I would be. I was expecting a 9:30-ish mile, (which I know is still slow), but I was barely over 10 minute/mile. The last half mile of my run was really hard. Actually, the whole thing wasn't great, but not bad. I usually feel fine for the first mile or more, but it was a little harder than normal. But anyway, the last half mile was killer. I was basically running at a walking pace and kept thinking, "How am I supposed to add 15 more minutes to this in less than 2 weeks??" I'm feeling kind of discouraged, I don't know if I WILL be able to do it. Why am I so weak? I have been feeling so strong the last couple weeks, but after today I feel WEAK!! I just hope it gets better.

 Week 6, Day 3 

Today was pretty good. I had 2 intervals: first I ran for 15 minutes, walked for 3, then ran for 5 minutes. The 15 minutes were great! And I didn't think the 5 minutes would be hard, but they were!! I really wanted to stop toward the end, but I didn't! It's so nice to look back and say I haven't stopped short or quit at all. It definitely helps me to keep going. I am very excited to run 20 minutes on Monday without having to stop!! Should be good...I hope. I can't believe I am almost done!! Two full weeks left, and I will be running a 5K. And....(shh, don't tell anyone), but I am enjoying this so much that I may try to do more. Sometime. For this summer I think I'll just try and get better at my 5K. Week 6 DONE!!

 Week 6, Day 2 

Today was a lot like Monday, maybe a leeeetle harder. I ran two intervals of 10 minutes, while walking for 3 minutes in between. Honestly, I felt the same physically...meaning, my heart and lungs and legs weren't dying. They felt strong. But I don't think my head was totally in it. I kept thinking "how many more minutes? I want to be done!" but quickly tried to think positively. But it wasn't bad at all. And that's about it for today! :) 

Week 6, Day 1 

Wahoo!! Today was amazing. I felt great- in fact I couldn't stop smiling for the last 4 or 5 minutes of my run. I did just two intervals of 10 minutes. I couldn't believe how strong I felt. I knew the first one would be pretty easy, and it was. Then I walked for 5 minutes, and my history told me that the second run would be really hard. But I tried really hard to get mentally prepared and not psych myself out. Well, I must have done something right, because I felt great the entire time. Actually, the last 30 seconds - 1 minute or so were kind of hard, but not bad. My pace was even faster than normal too! I also have a hunch that it will be easier when I don't have to stop running. I never knew that would be possible- but my theory is that when you stop running and start walking, your brain starts slowing your body down and kind of getting it ready to be done- at least my brain seems to. So if you don't stop running, you have that energy and We'll see. This whole week I still walk between intervals, but starting next week I just run run run! A few weeks ago, I was kind of dreading that point, but now I actually can't wait! Boom!

 Week 5, Day 3 

Today started out great, but was really hard toward the end! I ran just two intervals of 8 minutes each. The first run was great! The second one started out good, and was good for most of it. But the last couple minutes seemed like an eternity. All I kept thinking was, "I want to walk, I want to stop!" but I didn't. I was "running" until the end, although I think my pace was probably slower than my regular walk. But oh well! I just don't know how people run and run and keep on running! I hope to be there someday! (Two weeks and I should be running 35 minutes straight. Ahh!) My playlist kind of sucked today. Maybe that was part of the reason (excuse) that it was hard at the end. Anyhoo- I did it. Week 5 done!

 Week 5, Day 2 

Today was hard, but good. It would have been better if things would have happened as planned...and if I would have gotten a decent night's sleep. This may sound dumb, but just remember that I am a new-just-starting-out-runner. I was really nervous for today because the longest interval was 8 minutes. To me, that meant "mile." I just kept thinking about when I was in 6th? grade and had to run the mile for the very first time. I had never run even a lap, if anything. My time was just over 8 minutes. Well, I was a looot slower today, hehe. But that's okay. Anyway, I was just really anxious/nervous to run today hoping it would go well. I wanted to run about 7am like I usually do, but Josh had to leave for work super early. I set my alarm for 6, planning to go then. But I did not sleep well at all. I woke up almost every hour, and one time, around 12:30 am, it took me about an hour and half to even get back to sleep. I'm not sure what caused this, as I am always a great sleeper. It could have been my nerves. I also drank caffeine yesterday, which I hardly ever do. But I didn't drink it late. Who knows. Anyway, the run is over, and it wasn't that bad. I also had to run later in the day, and I did a different route, which has never been that great for me. "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees was the best song today! I think that's it. The end...for today.

 Week 5, Day 1 

Ahhh, today was much better. I ran the same number of minutes as Friday, but longer intervals. My longest interval was 6 minutes. I felt great today. It was a perfect run. That's all I can really say! My playlist helped a lot, I think. Today my good friends from Nsync, New Kids On The Block, the Beatles, and Matt Bomer helped me get through it. Loved it!

 Week 4, Day 3

Today was HARD! I'm not sure what factors (excuses) I can attribute to this. I went later than usual - about 10:45 a.m. (Josh was home today.) I did a completely different route. But as soon as I started my first interval, I already felt like I wanted to die. That doesn't sit right with me. Again, my longest interval was only 5 minutes, but I felt tired and winded the entire time! Nevertheless, I DID it!!! And I did feel great when I was done. My total distance was 2.7 miles. I know that runners have good runs and bad runs. I can accept that. I just wasn't expecting the entire run to be so hard. So I am reeeaaally hoping that next week, they will be good again. We'll see. Also- mental note: the song, "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5 is not a good song during a hard run. I love Adam Levine, but I might have wanted to strangle him for a minute. If anyone is reading this, PLEASE send me some encouraging thoughts! :) I am really nervous to start week 5. But....week 4 DONE!!!

 Week 4, Day 2 

Today was good and bad. Mostly good. My run started out great. My longest interval was 5 minutes, and like last time, my first 3 were great. I made sure to remember my last interval and mentally prepare for it-hoping that I wouldn't be as tired. Well, during my last interval, my heart and lungs were doing pretty good-I wasn't as winded. But my legs were DRAGGING! After Mondays run, my knees were really hurting and my legs just felt tired all day. They felt better yesterday. As I started running this morning, they hurt a little, but warmed up pretty quick. But during that last interval, it was like I had to mentally tell myself to pick up my feet and take each step. But the good news is that my pace was faster than last time-and my distance longer. Still loving it!!

 Week 4, Day 1 

I was nervous about today! I have read the reviews of the training app I'm using, and read that week 4 is really hard! Plus, with daylight savings this past weekend, it was hard getting out of bed. But I did it. And the run was actually really easy!! My total distance was 2.6 miles and my longest run interval was 4 minutes. The first 3 running intervals were so easy. I had energy and didn't get tired or winded at all! But after the third one, I think my mindset was that I was done running. I forgot I had one more interval to go. So the last one was harder because my mind told my body that I was already finished running. But I did it. I think (hope) my mentality is getting better controlled too. I never thought about running for 35 minutes straight. I felt myself starting to, but quickly thought about how far I've already come. I feel really great today! I am really loving running. I never ever ever thought I would. People always told me that if you get into it and stick with it, you'll love it more and more. I think it's true. I think it helps working toward a goal too. Can't wait to go back out!!

Week 3, Day 3 

Today was good. My longest running interval was three minutes and my total distance was just over 2 miles. However, my prompts did not work one time so I didn't start running when I was supposed to. But I just made it up later in the run. One good thing that happened today was when I was about halfway done it started to get hard for me but I just pushed through and something washed over me and it felt like I was starting over with more energy. I hope that can happen more often. I found a new favorite running song. "Feel This Moment" by Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera. It has that little melody from the 80's song "Take On Me" by Ah-a, which has always been one of my favorite little tunes. It is awesome! Anyway, week three down.
 PS I've heard that week 4 is killer!

 Week 3, Day 2 

Todays run was the same as last-in distance/intervals, and how I felt. Maybe it was a little better. I tried really hard to keep my mind and thoughts positive. I don't know how people do it who have to run long distances. I can feel myself getting stronger though. And I knowthat if I had run how I did a week or two ago, I would have been dying. And honestly, I barely even got winded...if at all. It's just my blasted mindset that gets me. I started using a new app which tracks my distance and pace. My total distance today was 2.01 miles- that is including the warm up and cool down walks. I figured those are .3 miles each, so really today was about 1.5 miles. And I'm not even going to mention my pace yet because I am still walking about half the time. But I am making progress! Woot, woot! :)

 Week 3, Day 1 

Today was a really good day! After my warm up, I ran 1.5 minutes, walked 1.5 minutes, then ran 2.5 minutes and walked 2.5 minutes, then repeated, then ran and walked 1.5 minutes again. The first half of the run was great! The second half, was pretty good, but a little harder. My thought process went a little something like this: "It's starting to get a little harder- I'm getting out of breath and getting a little tired. If I'm doing this when I only have to run 2.5 minutes, how is it going to be when I have to run 35 minutes straight?!? No Becky- you can do this. Just one step at a time. Don't think about the end yet. Just think about now....but man, that's going to be really hard." :) So yeah, I really need to work on thinking good thoughts. I'm building up to it...slowly but surely! Still, I haven't felt discouraged! I am always excited to get out and run and feel great after I have accomplished it!

 Week 2, Day 3 

Ahhh! Today was amazing! I ran longer and farther than I ever had before, and I never once got winded or tired. I could have gone forever...but I didn't. :) I really think Heavenly Father knew I needed that to start my day today. Yesterday I had a pretty bad day, and as corny as it may sound, I know my run this morning was a tender mercy! I was able to think through some things, feel comfort and peace, and find joy to make it through today! By the way, the song Firework by Katy Perry is awesome and I may have gotten choked up while running :) Like I said, bad day yesterday! I ran for 1.5 minutes with 2 minute walks in between for a total of 31 minutes. I've got to remember my feeling today to help me make it through the bad ones! Week 2 down!!

 Week 2, Day 2 

It was 19 degrees this morning when I ran. Cooold again, but I did it! Today was pretty hard. I got really discouraged and kept thinking to myself "Why am I doing this? I hate running!!" But when I'm done I am always glad I did it, and feel better. I read that usually right after a hard run comes a good one. Hopefully that will be the case! But I am still committed and enjoying it overall! Today I ran 1.5 minutes and walked 2 minutes for 4 times, then ran 1 minute and walked 1 minutes twice for a total of 28 minutes.

 Week 2, Day 1 

Well, I am feeling very committed to reaching my goal! I was even excited to run this morning! When Josh got back from his work-out, I did my run. It was 16 degrees out!!!!! I HATE cold, but I went prepared. I kept a scarf over my mouth and nose, and it really helped! It slid off a couple times and I couldn't believe how cold it was- I couldn't even breath! But as long as it was over my face I was fine. And now I can't have the cold weather be an excuse to not go out! But if it's colder than that....mmmm, no. Anyway, the run was pretty good. The intervals were a little bit longer today. I ran for 1.5 minutes, and walked for 2 minutes on and off. I know. Wow. :) But I'm getting there, and I always feel great when I get back! Hopefully in a couple days, it will be warmer.

 Week 1, Day 3 

So glad this one is over with! I was very anxious to get out and finish my week, but the weather called for snow all morning and day. So, I wasn't able to go in the morning. But the afternoon was sunny and pretty warm, so when the kids got home from school (early-out), and the little boys were sleeping, I let them babysit while I ran around the block. It wasn't as enjoyable as my other runs, but I think that is mostly due to the fact that I ran around and around the same block. Hopefully I won't have to do that again. But I did it! And I hope my second week is just as enjoyable and successful as my first!

 Week 1, Day 2 

Today I went out for a 30 minute run/walk. After the warm-up, I was an alternating running for 1 minute/walking for 1.5 minutes for a total of 20 minutes, followed by a 5 minute cool-down walk. I think I went a distance of a total of 2 miles, approximately. The entire time, I felt GREAT! I loved it! I was very excited for today, but also nervous because it was supposed to snow on and off all night and this morning. Luckily, it hadn't snowed at all yet, and it was about 40 degrees. I HATE HATE HATE cold and snow, so that's why I was nervous. But I would have done it anyway, because I want to complete this program I'm doing without having to go back and repeat any weeks. Hopefully, the weather continues to cooperate. There were a couple songs that really motivated me as I was out: "Fine By Me" by Andy Grammer "When I Get You Alone" from the cast of Glee Music is huge for me, and I think for now I have a really good playlist. After working out, I felt like I could have kept going and going. But I know it's important to pace myself and take it slow, especially since I am NOT a runner...yet! Before my run, I had half of a protein shake. I'll have to remember NOT to do that again. It kept me energized, but I have this weird thing with some types of dairy. It made my chest tighten up a little (I know it was from the shake, and not from weak lungs because I've had the same symptoms before when I have certain ice cream or shakes.) But it wasn't too bad. I'll just have to keep those shakes for after my runs. I am excited to keep this up!

 Week 1, Day 1 

I am not a runner. Yet. In fact, I have always somewhat loathed running. But for many reasons, I have decided to start. Now, when I say I am not a runner- I really mean it. I could basically run around my small block and get too winded to even say a complete sentence. Any time I pushed myself more than that, I hated it. But I found a training program that takes non-runners like me, to being able to run a 5K. I know that is still small. Especially because I am surrounded by runners. I married a marathon runner. But for me, a 5K is my goal. And according to this program, I will be able to do it in 8 weeks. I started out this morning. After my warm-up, I did a 15 minute run/walk, alternating a 1 minute run and a 1.5 minute walk, followed by a 5 minute cool-down walk. When I finished, I felt great! I wasn't crawling up my driveway or gasping for air. It was even pretty easy. In fact, I thought- I should just skip to the 2nd week of this program! But I know I need to take it slow and I'll get there. I am feeling great and am very excited to go out again in a couple days!

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