Thursday, May 30, 2013

Becky's First 5 Miles

I did it.  I ran 5 miles.  It was really hard.  I am turning 30 tomorrow.  I don't know why I am writing in such short sentences.  But I am.  I ran slow.  Ok, that's enough...

I was supposed to go running with my SIL.  I knew if I wanted to run 5 miles, I needed major support.  Unfortunately, she had to cancel last minute.  I was all dressed and ready to go, so I just ran.  It is pretty awesome to be able to say that I ran 5 miles before I turned 30.  It literally felt uphill the entire way, but of course it wasn't.  My average pace was 10:30/min/mile, but it's better than nothing.  As soon as I got back, I just collapsed on my front lawn and couldn't move for quite a while.  But I had a big smile on my face.

However, my toes are KILLING me.  Better go take a bath.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ogden 5K

Saturday, May 18th

Josh and I ran the Ogden 5K.  It was another cold and very rainy morning!  We were bused up to Dinosaur Park where the race started.  The course was so beautiful.  I love Ogden.  Waiting for the race to start was miserable.  We were kicked out of the buses because they had kids or something to go pick up.  Whatever. So we had to wait for about a half hour in the rainy cold.  But once the race started, it was amazing.

I ran the 3.15 course in 31:17 with an average pace of 10:00/min/mile.

Josh ran it in 27:10 with an average pace of 8:45/min/mile.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tendonitis...Not Cool!

My first running injury.  After "googling" tendonitis, I realized that I only have 6 months to live.  Ok, not really.  But I love how it says it's most common in the 40-60 year old range.  My body is probably close to that.  I am new to running.  My body isn't used to all this exercise.  It really hurts though, and I have the Ogden 5K in a few weeks!  I hope I can get it healed and stronger by then!