Saturday, July 6, 2013

Double Ditched

Josh and I had  been planning a running date for a while.  His sister was kind enough to offer to come watch our kids so we could go early and run.  Our plan was for him to do 15 miles.  I was going to drive a few miles down the road and meet him on the trail.  Then I was going to run about 7 miles total, drive home- and meet him when he got back.  Unfortunately, he rolled his ankle playing basketball on Thursday.  Since he's got his first half in 2 1/2 weeks, he decided to take it easy.  So then, I called my SIL (the one that was going to watch our kids) and she said she would run with me.  At 4:30 AM!!!!- I got a text from her saying she had been up for hours not feeling good.  Bummer!  Double ditched. Anyhow, I woke up just after 6 and began my run just as the sun was rising.
It was a very beautiful morning.  I have only run on the Rio Grande trail a couple times, and only for about .5 mile at a time.  I ended up running over 6 miles.  Josh picked me up at the end, so I was able to run south the entire time.  I felt great for most of it.  After mile 5, I started getting light-headed and seeing black spots.  But I pushed through mile 6.  The scenery was beautiful!  I can't wait to do it again...hopefully with someone by my side!

I thought I would share my favorite 5 running songs at the moment.  I love music so much, it's hard to pick just 5.  But here is what I'm feeling right now:

#1 is an awesome song if you are feeling worn out or tired.  It pumps me up and motivates me to go faster and I feel like it gives me the extra energy I need.
#2 is great at keeping my pace up.  It is the exact tempo I like.
#3 is kind of a nostalgic song for me, so it brings back happy memories and keeps my mind off any pain I may have.  It has a great beat too.
#4 is another good one for pumping me up.  The tempo isn't the fastest, but the lyrics are motivating.  I love Andy Grammer!
#5 is my favorite song to start out on.  It's a bit slower, but again, the lyrics help me get my head in the game.

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