Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekly Workout Wrap-Up, A Couple Of Old Fogies

It was another sad week.  Josh's ankle is getting a little better, but still sore.  And my foot is still wonky.  We are starting to get nervous because we have a big race this Wednesday!  Josh is planning to do his first half in a long time, and I am doing my first 10K race.  

On Tuesday, I decided to run on my sore foot just to see how it went.  I didn't feel any pain until about mile 2.5.  Then it really hurt, but I could still run through the pain.  I am hoping that during the race, the pain won't be more than I can handle.  

Josh went to the Dr. to see if he could get a cortisone shot, but he advised against it.  He did say that Josh could still run on it and it wouldn't do any further damage.  So basically, if we can both run through our pain, we'll be fine.  Hopefully.

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