Thursday, June 27, 2013

5 Tips To Get Your Bum Out Of Bed

Workout this morning: 3 mile run.  It was HOT and I swear there was no shade to be found.  (It's going to be real fun this weekend when the highs are supposed to reach 102!)

Josh didn't end up going out because his back is messed up!  Get better, boy!

Sometimes it is really hard to get myself out of bed to go on an early run, but with Josh's schedule, and needing to be back in time to feed my kids breakfast and get them ready for the day- morning is just plain practical.

If you're not a morning person, try these tips to help you get yourself out of bed and on the road! (These are not serious tips, by the way.  Don't go calling DCFS on me.)

  • Start With A Donut: It's the perfect pre-running fuel.  Not too heavy, and gives you plenty of energy.  Isn't it a super-food?
  • Ignore Your Children: For years, my kids have been my alarm clock.  Now at 7 AM sharp, when I hear them calling "Mooom" from their room, I grab my sneakers and run! And when I get back, Josh has them dressed, fed, and playing nicely, something.
  • Picture Your Serenity:  Seriously though, one of the reasons I love morning runs is because it allows me to clear my head and think about the kind of day that is ahead.  I swear my children are all the more better for it.
  • Be Prepared:  I know some people who sleep in their running clothes so they have to do as little as possible when they wake up.  Me? I am in the middle of inventing a machine that gets me into my garb, pulls my hair up, and kicks me out the door while I'm still sleeping.  Every minute is precious.
  • End With Donuts:  What more can I say?

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