Monday, July 1, 2013

Hot Runnin' and Seven Peaks

Today's high reached 103 (according to my calculations.)  I skipped my Saturday run, because by the time Josh got back, it was almost 90 degrees.  But I knew I needed to get out today.  Josh ran 3.15 miles and was back right as the sun was starting to come up.  He advised me to go a different route (much more shady than my usual), and my 3 mile run was really nice.  I need to let my body get used to the heat, but until then- I'm going to do everything I can to stay cool!!

Speaking of which, after my run, I took the kids to Seven Peaks.  My sister and her 5 boys are up from St. George for a week, so we met them there and had a blast!  I haven't been there for about 9 years.  It hasn't changed much- but was much more crowded.  And can you believe they make you pay for shade?  It's true.  Ridiculous.  But so fun.

Catchin' some waves.

Me, my kids, and my 5 handsome nephews.

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