Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Becky's Got New Shoes, Pretty Pink New Shoes...

...Becky's Got New Shoes On Today!

(That was a little diddy my Mama used to sing to me whenever I would get new shoes.)

That beautiful picture on the right?  I know, gross!!  I thought it was a bruise, but when I took off my nail polish, I found out it's dried blood.  And my toe-nail is mostly detached.  Cute, huh?

So we decided it was high time to get me some new running shoes.  After talking to the experts, I found out my other ones were way too small.  Apparently, you are supposed to get running shoes at least a size bigger than your normal shoes.  It makes sense.  Your feet swell when you run, and push forward, especially when running downhill.  I tried on at least 10 pair, and ended up with the Asics Gel Cumulus.  They brought me out a purple and neon green pair.  Gag.  I asked them if they had any other colors in this style (which happened to be 20% off) and luckily they had PINK!  I know color really doesn't matter, but it does.

I am so glad I have these and am finally able to run regularly now!

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