Saturday, June 22, 2013

Josh's First Half In 11 Years

Sometimes it's too nice of a morning to stop at 10 miles.

So I've been following a training schedule to get ready to run the Layton/Syracuse half marathon at the end of August.  I've been trying to stick with it and not over train and do too much too quick like I have in the past.  I was supposed to run a slow 10 miles (the longest I had run up to this point was just over 9).  When I got out there it was such a perfect day and I was loving running on the Rio Grande trail so much that I just decided to pass the mental barrier of having completed a half marathon while I felt so good.

Some days (very few in my case) you feel like you can just run forever.  This was one of those days.  I had some light pain on the outside of my knees the rest of the day and I looked like an old man whenever I had to go up or down the stairs but woke up the next day feeling great.

I highly recommend the Rio Grande trail for any of you North Davis County Folks.  It provides a variety of scenery from farmers fields to well manicured back yards, to wonderful trees that provide a break from the sun.  It's my new go-to long run course whether I do an out and back or talk my wonderful wife into driving south to pick me up.

On a side not, I changed my registration that day for the Deseret News 24th run from the 10k to the Half Marathon.  I'm very excited to complete my first Half Marathon Race.

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